Melissa Miller

It’s really not about me… it’s all about you. But I’ll start.

I’m a fun loving designer who enjoys helping small business owners build a business they love. Let’s design a beautiful brand and robust website to attract and engage your visitors.

With over 25+ years of design experience in branding, web design, package design and marketing materials, I provide an easy, seamless process that makes the branding journey an enjoyable experience.

I’m from the Northwest but consider myself a native Californian. I thrive on sunshine. My friends tell me I’m industrious and my kids say I ask too many questions. I just feel fortunate because I love what I do. I’m learning to meditate and I design in my sleep. My creative clock doesn’t stop ticking. I have a passion for creativity and working with others who follow their hearts.

Visual design is not only what you see but how it makes you feel.

People often ask what Unaverra means – Loosely translated it’s defined as One Vision. Really, it’s a creative journey that begins with your vision and results in your excitement when it comes to life!

Client Love

Melissa is wonderful to work with!

Melissa researched the colors for my logo and style guide. Once the research was complete the colors she selected are attracting the right clients to my business. The clients I am meant to serve and help on their energetic healing path. Melissa’s concept of one vision is immensely helpful in helping create my brand to stand out. I am grateful I hired her. Melissa continues to help with my branding which is building my confidence.

~Laura L. Vidal
Vidal Medical Intuitive

Unaverra Design Services

You already have the vision,
let's make it a reality!

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about my services, please email me at, or schedule a call on my calendar.