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“Beyond Bronze, Silver and Gold” is a documentary series that honors the amazing achievements of the world’s Olympic athletes, in competition and beyond. These stories do not necessarily focus on the medal winners or athletes in the limelight. They are honest and exclusive narratives told by an Olympian!  John MacLeod wanted a brand to reflect the movement of the Olympic Rings with a color palette of the Olympic medals.


Brand Strategy + Logo Design

Beyond Bronze Silver Gold Logo Concepts


I always begin my projects with my sketchbook. The color palette is a toned down version of the bright Olympic colors with similiar ring design.

Beyond Bronze Silver Gold Logo-White Background
Beyond Bronze Silver Gold Color Palette
Beyond Bronze Silver Gold Logo-Black Background
Beyond Bronze Silver Gold Business Card
John MacLeod Podcast-Design
Logo Coffee Mug
Black Hat
White T-shirt with Logo
John MacLeod

Melissa is terrific to work with!

I will certainly be using her again in the very near future! Creative, responsive and incredibly understanding and adept at translating ideas and concepts into fantastic designs.

John MacLeod

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