My Branding Process



This is the dicovery phase when we get to know eachother, become comfortable and build trust. I ask plenty of questions to gain understanding of their aspirations and business goals. I gleen as much information as possible about the client’s expectations, their company’s mission, vision, and their products or services.  I approach each client individually – communication is fundamental. I listen to your needs, analyze them and suggest best possible solutions. Then the research phase begins!




Every great logo starts with a sketch! Creative exploration begins and the ideas begin to flow. They can happen anywhere… from the shower, driving, shopping and even in the middle of the night. I always keep pen & paper nearby.

Brainstorming ….Before I begin to work on concepts, I like to gain visual inspiration by browsing through reference books, design guides  and online design sites

I explore typography, research trends, colors, anything I feel relates to your vision, ideas and goals.


JavaRooster Palette



Design + Presentation

At this point the sketches are refined and become digital to easily make adjustments and fine tune the ideas. I create several variations and combine fonts, color palettes and grid structures to explore the possibilities and options.

Collaboration and honest feedback (good or bad) is crucial to move forward efficiently. Revisions are typically 2-3, however I will always make adjustments until you are completely satisfied!



Deliver + Delight

Finally, the design is produced and ready for usage. I provide final art in various file formats for all media channels.

JavaRooster Website