Java Rooster is a specialty line of coffee created by Mark Jones. He was always passionate about coffee and his ultimate dream was to quit his full-time job and share his passion for robust dark roasted beans from Brazil. The brand look and feel was exactly what he envisioned, sort of a grunge, coffee house vibe.


Branding + Web design


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Java Rooster Website Mock-Up


The brand name was derived from the chickens in Mark’s backyard. I did multiple variations of sketches with different styles of roosters. During this process, I researched for fonts and textures to convey a coffee house look and feel.

Java Rooster-Fonts-Patterns
Java Rooster Logo Concepts for presentation
Java Rooster Business Card
Mark Jones

Melissa commands professional respect and exceeded every expectation. In fact, she felt like more of a business partner than a designer. She listens and will take your vision and exploit it to its maximum potential.  The entire branding process from logo design to the finished website was easy, enjoyable and exciting. In fact, my Java Rooster logo was developed from a very rough sketch on a napkin that blossomed after our first meeting.

Mark Jones

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