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Dominique has been interested in health and fitness for several years. She started training in 2015 and now is teaching Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis full-time. She wanted to share the amazing effects the system has on the body with people in chronic pain. In addition to a brand identity that would support her business goals, she also needed a new website that would allow her clients to sign up for classes and be easy to navigate. The look and feel of her branding blends seamlessly with the robust effects of the Gyrontonic system.


Brand Strategy + Web Design



Mind Body Intent Website Mock-up


Gyrotonic is about circular spiraling and movement. Her signature is fluid from beginning to end. The color palette reflects the colors of the outdoors: blue sky, green trees, teal ocean. The gradient on the business card portrays the feeling of transformation. The clean and modern font gives a stability and aligns with the power of the body.

MBI color palette
Style Guide-Fonts
Mind Body Intent Business Card


Since the color palette is a reflection of nature, the patterns and imagery reflecting symmetry, waves and circular spirals.

Back Exercise
wave pattern
green circles pattern


The circular gradient, with her initial again reflects movement.

Dominique Hawthorne

Melissa has the unique ability to capture the essence of the person she is working with! She has a great sense of style as well as an innate efficiency that leads to quick and effective designs. I wanted a site that reflected my personality and was super easy to navigate and she delivered on all counts. She’s passionate about her work and it shows!

Dominique Hawthorne

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