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Logo-transformation-from butterfly to S


Sumi had already started her organizing business when she sent me a text with a butterfly emoji attached saying “I need a logo and I need it fast.” I promptly replied, “you cannot have an emoji to represent your brand and launch your new business.” We began the transformation from butterfly to a clean & sophisticated initial “S”. Sumi loves her logo – It’s exactly what she wanted: a momentum of transformation to change people’s lives.

She is a Life Changer.


Logo + Brand Strategy


Organized by Sumi Mood Board

The Branding Process

Commencing with a Mood Board, we collected images to reflect the look and feel of her brand. After a few butterfly revisions she decided she wanted something more sophisticated. We moved in a different direction with her initial and a circle to represent movement and transformation. Of all the “S” logos she chose the yin-yang logo for balance. Turquoise was her color choice and I added yellow for warmth and black for boldness. The final logo was created with a classic typeface with a bright, clean & modern logo mark with the pop of her initial.

Branding - logo process
Sumi-Final Logo
color palette - fonts

The Branding Process

The square business card represents a box… which is always used for her projects and organization.  The clean circlular patterns are an expression of transformation: creating order out of chaos.

Sumi S Pattern
Organized by Sumi Business Card
Organized by Sumi Stationary
Sumi Kaga

Working with Melissa and Unaverra Design exceeded my expectations – the depth of her creativity and experience is unsurpassed!  She listened to my ideas and enthusiasm and as I began to have a clearer vision of what I wanted for my Professional Organizing Business, my logo began to take on new shapes, colors and meanings. Throughout this process, Melissa told me,
“You have to love your logo!

Sumi Kaga

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